Wednesday, November 24, 2010

House MD: "A Pox on our House" and "Small Sacrifices"

I just finished watching the 8th episode of House, season 7. The episode is called "Small Sacrifices"and to be honest I was rather dissapointed with it. It is nothing compared to the prevoius episode ("A Pox on our House"), which was possibly one of the best episodes ever.

The espisode "A Pox on our House" starts very unsually: on a Dutch slave ship headed to the Carribean. There is an outbreak of small pox on the ship and the vessel gets sunk. 200 years later a young diver finds a jar containing the virus and gets infected. The episode is very dynamic with even doctor House being in bigger trouble than usual!

The last episode though - "Small Sacrifices" - doesn't have much action in it and the final trick of doctor House is very predictable. I really hope the next episode will be better, because I always look forward to a new adventure of doctor House and his team.