Saturday, February 5, 2011

History of Polish TV part 2

In 1951 at the headquarters of the ZNP was carried out with the first public demonstration of television equipment and is further combined with a demonstration of the image. During the exhibition demonstrates the nearly 300 forms, which lasted 8-12 minutes. The exhibition was visited by over 100 thousand. people. The exhibition was closed a two-hour variety store, by Tadeusz Pszczołowskiego, one of the first creators of the television in our country. A year later ended up working on the vision of a transmitter, still rushed work on the audio transmitter. Experimental Station gave a television news program IL 25 October and was the first announcer Maria Krzyżanowska. The program can be viewed on receivers twenty-four brand Leningrad. It was only the picture, a voice came from the radios. The screens have the size of a postcard 12x18cm. In January 1953, was first broadcast program for children, and in the middle of this month for video transmission, audio transmission also joined. From now to receive video and audio used a camera. A year later, television has moved to new offices on the square of Warka, there had his 240-meter studio. In 1954, Joan and John Kulmowie prepared the first puppet programs for children, and since April 1955 broadcast of the program two times per week. Also dramatically increased number of receivers in the country. In 1953 there were eighty, while in 1955 nearly ten thousand. It began production of its own type of TV Wisla, later Belvedere.