Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dr Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley is one of the assistants dr. House in the hospital. Appears in the fourth season of the series. Thirteen House calls it, because as a candidate for the House's assistant at the beginning of the fourth series had numer13. It is suffering from Huntington's disease. Hudley is played by Olivia Wilde.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dr Eric Foreman

Eric Foreman is an employee of House, colleague Robert Chase and Allison Cameron. His specialty is neurology. As a teenager he had trouble with the law, was arrested for burglary and was taken to the reformatory, the road death rate went down, however, and after graduating became a doctor of medicine. Ma bardzoreligijnych parents and brother, who is in prison, not utrzymujez contact him. As the only employee in the state House sięsprzeciwić him and hard to fight for their right, even if its założeniasą wrong. It is very self-confident, arrogant, ambitious and does not believe wnieomylność his boss. Despite the desire to separate from the House ipodkreślenia their differences, it is often compared to him, and by a substantial part of the public television series called simply "the other House", he focuses more on aid and not on patients, although not as extremely as House.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dr Lisa Cuddy

Lisa Cuddy is administratorką hospital, Dr. House's boss at the same time. Her specialty is the largest endocrinology. A brilliant, intelligent, has a sense of humor, gets along well with the House - is a worthy opponent for him to verbal skirmishes. At the end of the second season she wanted to become pregnant, but in the end adopts a child.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dr James Wilson

James Wilson is an oncologist, has a bachelor's degree from McGill University and higher degrees from Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania. He comes from a Jewish family, his brother disappeared. Known as the House's only friend, whom he met while studying. Weapons House, where Edward Vogler requests to the board of the hospital to release it. In response, Vogler relieve Wilson, but is quickly restored to working with Lisa Cuddy. Wilson House is trying to recover from addiction to losing the plant Vicodinu.Po House admits he is hooked, however, claims that this has no effect on his work. When Michael Tritter House'owi threatens prison because of his addiction, Wilson is trying to persuade a friend to attend rehabilitation. His last marriage ended after his wife told him that betrays him. His last, the unhappy relationship with Amber Volakis took place in the fourth season and was brutally interrupted by the death of a loved one. This has led to the estrangement of the House, which is likely to blame for losing his love. He is known for its rich emotional life, dating from the employees that the hospital has had three failed marriages and problems with maintaining the fidelity of former wives. Emotionally attached to their patients, sustains their spirits. Sometimes even blurred the boundary in his relationship with them, which should not exceed - lived and slept with his terminally ill patient. This character is played by Robert Sean Leonard.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dr Allison Cameron

Allison Cameron is one of House's team members. Her specialty is alergoimmunologia. She had a husband. They were married six months. He died of thyroid cancer in the terminal stage, when she was twenty-one years. It comes from the class średniej.Inteligentna, perceptive, often involved in patient care and not paying attention to their social position. Often confronts House about such things as ethics, morality and decency. The character is played by Jennifer Morrison.