Wednesday, February 2, 2011

History of Television in Poland

TV beginnings date back to the nineteenth century. With her father is considered by Paul Nipkow, who in the patent office as the first registered electrical device called a telescope. In our country the idea of the television deal with, inter alia, John Szczepanik, who created teletroskop, Kazimierz Prószyński, who presented telefot. In 1929 Stefan Manczarski received a patent for the way television transmission of images over wire and radio. Six years later, in our country began working on television research at the National Institute of Telecommunications. The first program was aired October 5, 1938. The antenna, which was placed on the highest building in Warsaw (owned 27 m) allowed the reception of the film under the title of Barbara Radziwiłówna. Within a radius of 20-30 km transmission was poor quality. Newsreels were issued. At that time very few people had television. You can find them in research institutes and in some people, for research purposes. In 1947 he resumed work on the television.