Friday, February 11, 2011

The Beginnings of Television, part 2

In 1929 the BBC began transmitting experimental television program using the system for Blair. In 1936 the BBC began broadcasting last regular TV from Alexandra Palace in London. In 1940 the U.S. began to broadcast experimental television broadcasts in color, using the current system of color reproduction. Meanwhile, in Poland in 1952, Poland began a regular TV broadcast television programs. 1953 is the year in which the color began to broadcast a TV program. In 1956 he came to produce the first VCR. Did the Californian company Ampex Corporation. 6 years later Telstar satellite over the Atlantic gave the first television signals. In 1970, Decca's UK and AEG-Telefunken of Germany announced the construction of the system perwszego recording and playback of video. This system, however, have been refined in the '80s when I began to use laser disc playback .. In 1973, the BBC and Independent Television in Britain introduced the world's first teletext system. Two years later, Sony introduced a system of video cassettes for home use. That same year, the British post office (British Telecom) has announced the introduction of the system umożliwającego watching the TV screen. 1979 years the Japanese company Matsushita has developed a slim, pocket-sized TV that uses a liquid crystal display. In 1986, he introduced digital transmission systems and improved systems for teletext. And now 3 years later, Japan launched a broadcast TV programs in high-resolution images, whereas in the UK satellite television was introduced. In 1990 the BBC introduced a system of digital stereo (NICAM). MAC introduced the European system. It possible to obtain sharper images and more data and the number of soundtracks. Finally, in 1992, the U.S. demonstrated a fully digital high-definition television.
So we came to our times in which anyone can have a digital TV. Cable and satellite signals to reach the most people in Europe and the USA. It can also be sent via the Internet. How to roll her fate in the future? TV becomes interactive. You will be able to choose movies or football matches alone. It is we who will choose what we want to see. We will not have to go to hire, you want to watch a movie. Television thus becomes similar to the network. Interactive programs over the BBC is already working.