Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dr Robert Chase

Robert Chase is one of the assistants dr. House until the end of the third season, when the House released it. His specialty is intensive care. From Season 4 operates as a surgeon. Chase from the beginning of the series combine a closer relationship with Cameron. Robert is Australijczykiemśrodkowoeuropejskiego origin. When he was 15 his father - RowanChase, a famous doctor - left Robert and his mother, who następniepopadła into alcoholism and died. Before Robert was a doctor was in the seminary. This leads to tensions with Foremanem.Kiedy Vogler begins to exert pressure on House, Chase przekazujeinformacje on the House to save his job. But when MichaelTritter looking for information about the House, Chase does not cooperate, she herself. Frequently takes part in the ethical and moral debates, demonstrating a flexible approach. With the passage of time has the ability to learn from human motives. It also has a very large medical knowledge. At the end of the third season begins to be more assertive, opposes House'owi, which leads to his dismissal. He returns to the House's team after his break up with Cameron.