Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dr Eric Foreman

Eric Foreman is an employee of House, colleague Robert Chase and Allison Cameron. His specialty is neurology. As a teenager he had trouble with the law, was arrested for burglary and was taken to the reformatory, the road death rate went down, however, and after graduating became a doctor of medicine. Ma bardzoreligijnych parents and brother, who is in prison, not utrzymujez contact him. As the only employee in the state House sięsprzeciwić him and hard to fight for their right, even if its założeniasą wrong. It is very self-confident, arrogant, ambitious and does not believe wnieomylność his boss. Despite the desire to separate from the House ipodkreślenia their differences, it is often compared to him, and by a substantial part of the public television series called simply "the other House", he focuses more on aid and not on patients, although not as extremely as House.